Acute inpatient mental health - Te Whare Awhiora

What do we do?

Te Whare Awhiora provides a safe place for people who are in mental distress/illness and require 24hr clinical care to recover. Te Whare Awhiora is focused on the needs of people, their families and the community they live in.

Admission to Te Whare Awhiora is for the ongoing assessment, care and treatment of mental distress/illness where this cannot be safely achieved in the community. Based on active crisis/acute intervention we endeavour to prevent further deterioration of mental distress/illness, disability, and the development of dependency.

Te Whare Awhiora offers care that aims to help people reach a point where they can safely maintain wellbeing and access other services in the community they live in.



Kaumatua, Psychiatrist, Health Officer, Registered Nurses, Diversional Therapist, Psychiatric Assistant, Health Care Assistant Social Worker, access to allied and medical services as required.


Exams and procedures:

An assessment of mental health, medication review, if any risk identified to self or others, when home based treatments and crisis respite has been unsuccessful.

The process of assessment and admission (if necessary) is designed to enable staff to work in partnership with person and their families/significant others.


How to get in touch:

Freephone: 0800 243 500- Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment Team- Tawhirimatea 24/7

He Waharoa – 06) 868 3550 8.30am - 4pm 

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