We welcome your application.  However, as an employer in New Zealand, Te Whatu Ora Tairāwhiti is required to comply with New Zealand Immigration laws. Therefore, you are required to hold one of the following before commencing employment:

  • New Zealand residency
  • a work visa to enter New Zealand
  • a work permit once you are in New Zealand
  • or a talent visa.

Establishing a pathway and applying for the relevant immigration status to enter the country can be overwhelming. However New Zealand Immigration has excellent resources and can provide information, support and advice on how to ensure to the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Resident applications can take several months to process; therefore a majority of our new overseas recruits apply for work visas/permits. In some cases, you are unable to gain a work permit/visa without securing a job offer and subsequently registration with a professional board in New Zealand. Our Human Resources department will advise you accordingly once you have submitted your application for employment and will provide any required supporting documentation should you be made an offer of employment.

The best way to ensure that your application is processed efficiently is to ensure that when you submit your application you have provided all the information requested. New Zealand Immigration will provide you with checklists for you to follow. Should information be missing or further information be required, this will delay the processing of your application.

Please visit the Immigration New Zealand website to find out more.

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