Ko Matakerepo Learning Centre


The name Ko Matakerepo refers to the tale of Tāwhaki, attainer of the baskets of knowledge; and his blind ancestor Matakerepo, holder of the sacred knowledge of the gateways to the heavens, who showed him the way after he restored her sight.

Mana Hauora – Clinical Library

This is a library, study and information service to Tairāwhiti health professionals.

Poutama Auditorium

Poutama means journey to enlightment

This room is used for formal welcomes, large group gatherings, presentations and large group trainings. An annex room can be used for serving kai or for workshop breakouts.

Ma Aka Room

This room is used for telecommunications, video conferences and smaller group meetings.

Maia Tutorial Room

Maia means to be bold, grow your capability and develop your confidence. Maia is also the name of an inspirational navigator and early settler ancestor of our Tairāwhiti and Turanga District.

This room is used for small group meetings, teaching and video conferences.

Mauri Hiko – Computer training room

This is used for IT trainings on a number of applications.

If you are a Te Whatu Ora Tairāwhiti staff member you can book a room using outlook or you can book by phoning 06 869 0500 extn 8228 or email clinical.library@tdh.org.nz

Opening hours is around the clock for Te Whatu Ora Tairāwhiti staff members or 8am to 5:30pm for other Tairāwhiti health professionals.

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