What to bring to hospital

Before you come in to hospital you need to arrange a few things.

Here is a check list:

  • Someone who can bring things you might need, such as a change of clothes, as well as do your laundry
  • Someone who can let your friends and family know how you are
  • If you live on your own, someone to check your house and look after any pets
  • Accommodation for whānau or family who are going to stay while you are in hospital
  • Documents such as power of attorney or Advanced Care Plans or, Advance Care Directives so everyone knows what your wishes are if you can’t communicate
  • Advanced Care plan 
  • Someone to take you home when you are discharge.

Remember to leave your valuables at home. We can’t accept responsibility for their security.  However, if this is unavoidable please ask the ward staff to lock away your items during your time in hospital.

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