Telephone and video appointments

Where possible, many of our outpatient appointments are being carried out by phone or video.

This is to reduce the need for you to travel to Gisborne Hospital and helps to minimise face-to-face contact.

If you are invited to a telephone or video appointment, we will have made sure that the appointment is safe and appropriate for your care. Not all appointments can be done by phone or video, for example, if a physical examination is required.

What do I need for my phone or video appointment?

Phone appointment

For a phone appointment, you will only need access to a phone, and a quiet place to take the call.

Video appointment

Your video appointment will be carried out using Zoom (a video conferencing tool). You will need access to a smartphone, computer, tablet (e.g. an iPad), or another device that has a camera, speaker, and microphone. Most home devices, including laptops and tablets, have all three built-in.

Have a look at our guide to video consults (PDF 1.2 MB) which includes information on how to use Zoom.

If you get stuck you can visit Microsoft Zoom’s support page (external link)

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