Laboratory services for the hospital are provided by a private company called ‘TLab’. Hauora Tairāwhiti has a joint venture agreement with TLab/Medlab Central. The TLab laboratory is situated within Gisborne Hospital and has an external collection facility at 447 Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

The general public can have tests conducted or drop samples off to either the TLab laboratory at the hospital or the external collection facility at 447 Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

TLab is an external company and not employed by Gisborne Hospital. Employees include biochemists and various other staff.

Services provided on site include; microbiology, clinical biochemistry, haematology and transfusion services. Histology, cytology and specialised testing are sent out of town to be analysed.

How to get in touch:

TLab can be contacted directly by dialling 06 869 0508 (Hostpital) or 06 868 1439 (Gladstone Rd)

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Gisborne Hospital’s mortuary has a facility for storing body tissue after operations. If tissue has gone to the laboratory to be tested, people will need to contact TLab directly. Otherwise, the ward will offer to return body tissue that has been stored in the mortuary when people are discharged or at a suitable time after discharge. Body tissue is kept frozen in the mortuary for a maximum of one month. If not collected after this time, it is disposed of in a culturally and clinically safe way. Tissue is blessed before leaving the hospital, cremated by an undertaker and the ashes scattered at the cemetery in Gisborne.

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