Gynaecology appointments at Hauora Tairāwhiti are arranged by a GP or hospital referral (emergency department or ward).

The Hauora Tairāwhiti women’s health clinic specializes in all types of women’s problems such as heavy bleeding, abnormal cervical smears, infertility, and urine leakage. We offer office evaluation, surgery if needed and referral to other specialists such as infertility specialists.

Your GP sends a referral to the clinic. A doctor looks at each referral and decides how quickly a woman needs to be seen. For example, a woman who might have cancer may be seen within one-to-two weeks. Less urgent problems wait longer. You will be contacted by letter and text once an appointment has been scheduled.


Dr. William Weiderman

Dr. Sean Pocock

Dr. Shireen Heidari

Dr. Tina Gai

Dr. Michelle Metz

Outpatient nurses:

Clare Aitcheson

Kirsten Brown

Exams and procedures:

Pelvic exam
Endometrial biopsy
LLETZ procedure
Pelvic organ prolapse repair


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