Physiotherapy Community

We provide physiotherapy services that include assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to the people of Tairāwhiti.

Physiotherapy at Hauora Tairāwhiti is delivered by three teams: inpatients, outpatients and community. The teams operate as a unit with some rotational positions rotating around the three teams, and the remaining positions are permanent to their area of expertise.

Community Physiotherapists:

• work with patients and their family / whānau
• help individuals to reach their potential and live as independently as possible
• assess and intervene specifically to the home and community environment
• Assessment and treatment to patients diagnosed with (or at risk of developing) lymphoedema
• can see individuals in the clinic or in the home, depending on where their needs can best be assessed

Community Physiotherapy can provide:

• an assessment of an individual's current health condition and how they are coping at home
• a personal rehabilitation programme
• advice and education for patients and carers
• assessment for, and possible provision of, walking aides or other equipment which enables people to remain independent
• chest physiotherapy, including advice and education
• lymphoedema management.

Physiotherapy - Outpatients Clinic

• Outpatient Physiotherapy provides patient centred and goal specific assessment and intervention
• Assessment, treatment, advice and education and/or equipment to improve function and activity
• Rehabilitation for post:

  •  surgery
  •  acute injury
  •  exacerbation of a chronic condition
  • neurological event or exacerbation
  • for respiratory conditions

The Physiotherapy Outpatients Service provide input for various conditions including:

• ongoing rehabilitation of injuries (ACC related)
• work related injuries
• long-standing injuries/chronic pain
• respiratory conditions (COPD, Hyperventilation Syndrome, Bronchiectasis)
• ongoing neurological conditions
• continence management

How to get in touch:
General inquiries: 068690524


Our healthcare heroes during COVID-19

Watch below to hear Phil Watson, Physiotherapist at Hauora Tairāwhiti reflect on his COVID-19 experience.


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