Your stay in hospital

Here is some information about the staff and services to help you and your whanau during your stay in hospital.

Nursing staff

During your stay in hospital you will be cared for by registered nurses (RNs) and health care assistants (HCAs). The health care assistants work under the delegation and direction of the registered nurses. We aim to provide continuity with the same nurse assigned to you during your stay in hospital but due to rotating shifts at times this is not possible.

Teaching hospitals

Our hospitals provide clinical education and training for student doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Nursing students, who work alongside a registered nurse, may care for you during your stay.

All students will always identify themselves and will ask your permission before discussing your care or examining you. 

Students are supervised by qualified staff at all times and if you do not want them to participate in your care, just say so - they will not be offended.

Other support staff

  • Hospital Social workers 
  • Chaplain
  • Interpreters

Staff identification

All staff wear photo ID badges. Please ask for ID from any person who is not known to you. If they are not able to provide ID please notify a staff member immediately.

Patient identity bracelets

When you are or child is admitted to hospital, you will have an identity bracelet placed around your wrist.  This bracelet has important information on it and staff will check it to make sure they are treating the right person. This bracelet must stay on while you are in hospital.

Your room at the hospital

Most patients in our hospitals share a room. People who are very sick are usually given a single room. Once their condition improves they may be moved into a shared room.

Usually there are separate four-bed rooms for men and women. Children up to age 15 are admitted to the Children’s Ward.  We encourage parents or caregivers to stay with their child, as it is an important part of the child’s recovery to have a familiar member of the family helping to care for them. Some fold down beds or chairs are available for one parent or a caregiver to sleep beside their child’s bed.


Patient Inquiries

To respect your confidentiality, general information is only given over the phone. For example “the patient is satisfactory”. You may choose for us to withhold that information – just let your nurse know.

You will be asked to delegate a family/whanau member as a contact person, then that person can pass information on to the rest of your family whanau.

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