Maternity Quality and Safety report

The vision for maternity services at Hauora Tairāwhiti is to provide evidenced informed/based maternity services which are seamless, culturally appropriate, women-centred, and integrated within the Tairāwhiti community.

Each year Hauora Tairāwhiti produces the Tairāwhiti Maternity Services Annual Report. This report aims to:

  • Demonstrate the delivery of the expected outputs as set out in Section 2 of the Maternity Quality and Safety Programme CFA Variation
  • Demonstrate our commitment and working towards the New Zealand Triple Aim, The New Zealand Health Strategy and He Korowai Oranga | Māori Health Strategy
  • Provide information about the maternity quality and safety programme within Tairāwhiti including the people we are serving, the challenges and the maternity service workforce/professional standards
  • Outline our achievement of each the New Zealand maternity standards for DHBs
  • Provide feedback to the National Maternity Monitoring Group on their key priority areas; address the recommendations from the Perinatal Mortality Morbidity Review Committee and our contribution to the Midland Maternity Action Group
  • Document the progress towards the annual Tairāwhiti maternity service work programme and the national maternity quality & safety programme Tairāwhiti ‘established’ tier
  • Describe the work planned to improve the maternity quality and safety in Tairāwhiti each year
  • Benchmark against the New Zealand maternity clinical indicators.


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