WorkWell is designed to support medium-to-large workplaces and has been supporting workplaces to 'work better through wellbeing' since 2010.  The workplace well-being programme has been a welcomed initiative in many workplaces.

WorkWell provides a framework that supports workplaces to develop and implement an effective and sustainable workplace well-being programme.  It is based on best practice and guides workplaces through a step-by-step process.

WorkWell accreditation  recognises workplaces achievements towards creating a healthy workplace.  WorkWell accreditation provides quality assurance that all the components of a successful workplace well-being programme are in place.

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Suitable for small-medium sized workplaces and any businesses getting started with workplace wellbeing!

It is designed to be used by anyone who understands their workplace’s environment, structure and practices, and can make a difference.

Good4Work’s step-by-step process helps you complete actions to change your workplace environment and culture. It focuses on four areas: the way we work, the place we work, the way we connect, and the way we lead.

Hauora Tairāwhiti Workplace Advisor Support includes:

  • one on one professional advice and mentoring
  • local knowledge and positive relationship with key health services
  • access to health promotion resources
  • access to regular networking opportunities and interactive workshops


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