Infectious disease

Infectious diseases are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in all communities.  Infectious diseases are those that can be transferred from one infected person to another.

Public health action can prevent, limit and control communicable diseases, through health protection and health promotion programmes, including working with farming and other food production interests, public education, surveillance, prevention, investigation of cases and outbreaks, and control to prevent further spread.

Te Whatu Ora Tairāwhiti Public Health is responsible for undertaking prevention measures to reduce the likelihood of communicable disease spread, such as the promotion of healthy environments, environmental control measures and aspects of the national immunisation programme.

Our role involves:

  • Preparing for, assessing, and managing threats from communicable disease outbreaks
  • Surveillance (receiving notifications, data entry and participation in early detection systems)
  • Advising local vaccinators and immunisation coordinators on immunisation
  • Participation in the training and authorisation of independent vaccinators 

If you think you have contracted an infectious disease contact your doctor immediately.

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