Tips for visitors

Please see below visiting information during the orange setting of the COVID-19 traffic light setting.  


Visiting hours are 2pm to 8pm however Maternity and the Neo Natal Unit have restricted visiting hours. Please see our visiting hours page for more information. 

Please wear a hospital grade medical mask. There are masks at the entrances or ask a staff member for one. Face coverings are not permitted. 

You are reminded that people in hospital are at their most vulnerable. While visitor support is essential, so is the need to minimise risk to all patients and staff. 

Please coordinate visiting with whānau and friends wherever possible.

If you are feeling unwell or have a runny nose or cough, please contact your GP do not visit anyone in Gisborne Hospital. 

Please help us to do this by following these guidelines.

  • Be considerate. Visitors are important for patients’ recovery, but so is rest, so a balance is important.  Please show consideration and respect for all patients and the staff caring for them. This will help us to deliver the best patient care for everyone in a shared environment which caters to the needs of many.
  • Follow staff requests. From time to time staff may approach you and ask you to respond to a specific request in line with our Visiting Patients guideline. Please cooperate with these requests, they are not meant to offend, but to ensure we can deliver the best care to patients. Staff may ask you to leave the bedside for a short period to protect the privacy rights of other patients or to maintain safety and security.
  • Too many visitors? The number of people welcomed at the bedside at any one time will be determined by staff in collaboration with the patient and family. Where patients are in shared rooms, staff may also discuss the matter with other patients and their key support people. To ensure wellbeing and safety, consideration will also be given to the physical limitations of the space. You may find it easier to nominate a key support person or spokesperson for your group as this could ease communication. Maintain physical distancing (of at least 1m, preferably 2m).
  • Feeling unwell? If you are feeling unwell, have an infection, have a runny nose, cold or flu-like illnesses or have or have been exposed to contagious illnesses, e.g. chickenpox or measles within the past three weeks, please do not come to the hospital or facility.
  • Hand hygiene. For the safety of our patients, we require visitors and key support people to clean their hands with soap and water or gel hand rub when entering and leaving the ward and patient’s room. In certain circumstances, visitors and key support people may be asked to comply with other requirements in the interests of patient safety.
  • Sharing visitor areas. In common areas, e.g. shared rooms, waiting areas and visitor lounges, please be mindful of other visitors’ and families’ need for space. Waiting areas and visitor lounges are not designed for overnight stays. Please wear a hospital grade medical mask. There are masks at the entrances or ask a staff member for one. Face coverings are not permitted. Maintain physical distancing (of at least 1m, preferably 2m).
  • Photographs, video and audio recordings can only be taken with the permission of the patient, staff member and other people in the room. Ask first.
  • Violence and threatening or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Depending on the behaviour, people who break this rule will be warned or asked to leave. We will also call security staff or police.
  • Ask medical staff first before offering food or beverages to a patient.
  • Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are not allowed

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