Tairāwhiti COVID-19 Support Directory

Tairāwhiti Psychosocial and Mental Wellbeing Directory


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Services provided

Gisborne District Council Penny Shaw

06 867 2049

0800 653800

Email: service@gdc.govt.nz

Website: www.gdc.govt.nz

Facebook: @GisborneDC

Your enquiry will be directed to an appropriate channel to be addressed and actioned. Visit Gisborne District Council's COVID-19 page to find out more about the support services offered.
Te Runanga      O Turanganui a Kiwa Athena Emmerson-Kapa 06 867 8109 athena.emmerson-kapa@trotak.iwi.nz This agency provides operational oversight for the iwi-led COVID-19 response.
Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Iwi-led Help Response: Anne Huriwai

06 867 9960 

021 835 610

 Ahuriwai@tronp.org.nz  Provides iwi-led community support. If you live in Gisborne, you can call free between the hours of 8 am - 3 pm, on 0800 676 768 (0800 NPOROU). If you are living closer to Ruatoria, call the Ruatoria number free on 0800 833 502.
Victim Support Vicki Crosswell 06 869 0259  vicki.crosswell@victimsupport.org.nz  Provides support to victims and their whānau of serious crime and trauma
Age Concern Francis Toroa

027 221 6895 

06 867 6533

 francestac.tai@xtra.co.nz Provides support and intervention for victims of elder abuse. Please call in the first instance. Face to face support can be provided for serious cases. 
Gisborne Women's Refuge Philipa Davis 022 043 4289  (Monday-Friday)
A crisis helpline is available after hours:
(06) 867 9427
 gisrefuge@orcon.net.nz Provides a Safe House for women who are experiencing domestic violence. Get in touch via phone or email for support.
Alzheimers Gisborne Cheryl Morley      cheryl.gisalzheimers@gmail.com Provides support for those diagnosed with dementia and their families/whānau.
Tauawhi Men's Centre and Family Works

Tim Marshall - Tauawhi

Bruce McFadyen - Family Works

027 558 6362


027 599 9348 




Please get in touch with one of our key contacts if you need urgent support. A phone counselling service is available if required.
Māori Women's Welfare League Tomairangi Chaffey-Aupouri 022 430 0329   Tomairangi.Chaffey-Aupouri@tdh.org.nz   This service is currently working alongside Gizzy Kai Rescue to deliver food parcels to communities along the coast, and ensuring Māori women and their whānau are safe.
Te Hapara Family Services Katarina Rakuraku 021 814 780  katarina.rakuraku@acw.org.nz  This service provides counselling, social work, grief and loss programmes and whānau support. Support via phone and video call is currently available. Face to face appointments can also be scheduled where required.
Community Mental Health and Addictions Service Cilla Allen 0800 999 014  cmhrec@tdh.org.nz Provides support around symptom monitoring, managing medication and prescriptions, assessment, treatment and therapy. Phone and video consultations are currently available
Te Whare Oranga (Adult Community Mental Health & Addictions)  

06 869 2097 

0800 999 014

  This service receives referrals from the hospital services and specialised mental health support and for addiction support. New referrals continue to be accepted during business hours. Referrals from anywhere are accepted, including self-referrals. 
Te Whare o Te Rito (ICAMHS)   06 869 0541  MentalHealth.TriageAdmin@tdh.org.nz  The team offers support to infants, young children, and adolescents to improve emotional, psychological and mental health. This service is open every weekday until 10 pm, and between 5 pm -10 pm weekends. 
Te Whare o Te Rito hub  

Crisis Phone:
0800 243 500 

After 10pm & before 8am phone: 06 869 0512

 MentalHealth.TriageAdmin@tdh.org.nz Te Rito team members are available via phone for crisis support if required.
Te Whare Awhiora (Ward 11, Gisborne Hospital)   Phone: 06869 0500 to get through to the Hospital Switchboard   Admissions and discharges are continuing.
Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP)   Gisborne Hospital:
06 869 0500 & ask for MHSOP  
  Provides community assessment of those over the age of 65 with age-related mental health concerns.
He Waharoa Hine Haig

(06) 868 3550


022 319 9622


23 Peel Street, Gisborne

A joint venture between Hauora Tairāwhiti and Te Kupenga Net Trust which provides a simple pathway to mental health and addiction services for whānau in distress. He Waharoa brings together a range of providers (Mataora, GPs, community groups and mental health professionals) committed to doing things differently by adding the principles of relationships and community to western psychiatric approaches. It is about applying indigenous matauranga (knowledge/understanding) to reframe the way a person's experience is discussed and to find a pathway forward when experiencing distress.
Supergrans Tairāwhiti Linda Coulston

06 868 3571


027 214 2028



Supergrans is a registered foodbank in Gisborne. They can deliver food parcels to the doorsteps of people that are quarantining. If a support person can pick up the parcel this is fine too.

Foodbank Open
5 days a week a 9am to 2pm.
Linda is available to assist outside of these hours at short notice 

Supergrans is moving to new premises in Pitt Street where there is an up-to-date extensive commercial kitchen to be used to make meals for people that are incapacitated. Use this referral form:  https://www.cognitoforms.com/SuperGransSocialWorker/referralform Supergrans area a Level 2 provider for MSD. Be assured that all our referrals are held in the strictest of confidence and completely confidential. 
Mates in Tairāwhiti Bridgette Penny    bridgette.penny@gmail.com 

Focussed on looking after the mental health of the people in the Tairāwhiti, particularly when at work. This service is also focussed on workplace suicide prevention.

Pacific Island Community Trust

Ala (Alaimaluloa) Toeluu'-Tamihere

027 378 8702


Provides support to vulnerable Pasifika communities

The Salvation Army

Captain Kevin Waugh

06 868 9468 

027 303 1391


Services provided include food parcels, budgeting, spiritual needs.

COVID-19 Guidelines




Visit www.covid19.govt.nz for information and updates about COVID-19.

Red Cross

Heather Ratahi

06 867 6616

027 705 1157


 Red Cross provides emergency supplies and psychosocial first aid to people who have experienced a traumatic event.

Anglican care - Waiapu

Jade Holland (General Manager) 

021 911 610


Anglican Care Waiapu (ACW) is the social services arm of the Anglican Diocese of Waiapu. Region-wide phone-based counselling and support to isolated elderly or others are available. A service called Growing Through Grief is available which offers programmes for grief, loss, and change. 

Te Puni Kokiri

Kemara Keelan

0800 875 447


Te Puni Kōkiri is working with iwi, hapū and whānau Māori to assist you through the COVID-19 emergency. The majority of our kaimahi are now working remotely, so please email or phone our team to see how they can support you.

Ministry of Social Development

Lynn Campbell

Cheryl Nicholls

0800 358 5453





Getting Through Together - Health Navigator




For tips on how to look after your physical and mental wellbeing if you are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, visit: www.healthnavigator.org.nz/health-a-z/c/covid-19-mental-health/ 

All right?




Visit the website: www.allright.org.nz/campaigns/getting-through-together for tips on how to manage mental stress and look after your wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19.

Ministry of Health




The Ministry of Health has a range of resources to help you manage your wellbeing during COVID-19. Visit the Ministry of Health website: https://www.health.govt.nz/ to find out more.

Geneva Healthcare-Wellness and Rehabilitation

Ashleigh Blair and Gwen Hinga

021 246 0075

06 280 5326

0800 436 382



Provides services supporting people to live at home, enjoy what their community has to offer, and continue their employment whatever their illness, injury or disability. This includes rehabilitation services, from assessment to treatment and intervention. The individuals and whanau who we work alongside in Tairawhiti are largely ACC funded although we do work with other funders such as Veterans Affairs, and the High and Complex Needs Team.

Pinnacle Midland Health

Tania Morgan

021 021 66514

06 863 2661


Pinnacle Midlands Health Network is a primary mental health service that offers support in the areas of non-acute specialist mental health community support, primary care psychiatry advice, mental health extended GP consultations and integrated transition from secondary to primary care.

Tairāwhiti Watene Māori

Bub Apelu Tairāwhiti Regional Chair

Annie Karaka  Mangatu

Ella Manuel  Uawa

Niki Hitaua Whanau a Iwi

Susie Te Rauna Ruatoria

Paul Ratapu Mahia

Ngarau Wharepapa (Courts)

Manu Paenga – Māori wardens project,

021 075 3584

027 840 8980

021 824 261

021 120 5504

027 553 2244

021 976 929

021 146 2141

022 606 2399


Operational oversight for Tairāwhiti Watene Maori Covid19.

Watene Māori do not supply food packs or essential health products.

They provide assistance with:
Whānau transportation assistance for covid testing
Picking up/delivery of Kai/essential needs
Distribution of medicines/medical needs to home-bound elderly or sick
Road closure/security
Telephone/zoom Manaaki/Pastoral care for whānau in isolation