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Hiwa i Te Rangi

After the commencement of the new Board term in 2019 it was decided to review the structure of the Board’s advisory committees. As an outcome of that review the Board decided that the three advisory committees, Community and Public Health, Hospital and Disability Support were to be amalgamated to one committee which would combine the statutory roles of each committee, but in a coordinated and integrated manner, as this occurs for the lives of people, and is ideal in services for people.

In June 2020 the new Combined Committee met for the first time (due to COVID-19 delaying previous meetings) under a revised Terms of Reference and the committee was later named Hiwa I Te Rangi.  The name is for the ninth star of Matariki which is connected to the promise of a prosperous season.  Hiwa means vigorous of growth and evokes aspiration and forward thinking.

Hiwa I Te Rangi has a key governance role, giving advice to the Board on:

  • the elimination of inequity of health outcomes
  • the improvement, promotion and health of Tairāwhiti people & communities
  • the needs, and the factors that may affect the health of the population of the DHB;
  • reducing health disparities by improving health outcomes for Māori and other population groups
  • priorities for the use of the health funding provided;
  • monitoring the financial and operational performance of the services provided by Hauora Tairāwhiti, and those commissioned by Hauora Tairāwhiti; and
  • the strategic issues relating to the provision of health and associated services provided by or through the DHB.

The aim of the committee’s advice is to ensure the DHB maximises the overall health gain for the population and promotes the inclusion and participation in society, and maximises the independence of the resident population within the DHB through:

  • the service interventions the DHB has provided or funded or could provide or fund for the population; and
  • the policies the DHB has adopted or could adopt for those people.

The Committee’s advice will be consistent with the Minister’s priorities, the New Zealand Health Strategy and associated strategies including Te Manawa Taki Regional Equity Plan and the Hauora Tairāwhiti Annual Plan. The Committee will present its findings and recommendations to the Board for their consideration.


Finance, Risk & Audit Committee

The Finance, Risk and Audit (FRAC) Committee's role is to monitor the financial performance of the DHB. The committee also liaises with external auditors and receives reports from the internal auditor.


Te Waiora o Nukutaimemeha (TWON) Māori Relationship Board

Provides guidance and direction to Hauora Tairawhiti, ensuring responsibility is accorded for all aspects of Māori Health in Tairawhiti.

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