Shahni left with less wisdom teeth, but gained a career path

One day at the dentist, Shahni Deere saw an anaesthetic technician in action, how calming they were, how much they made her feel at ease.

Shahni left with less wisdom teeth, but gained a career path that day, one which she pursued by studying and working ‘on the job’ at Gisborne Hospital.

Fast-forward three years, and Shahni is now a qualified anaesthetic technician, a role which is in great demand across the country, especially at Gisborne Hospital.

“It’s been such a journey, one of huge learning and hard work. I owe so much to the team here at Gisborne Hospital, they are amazing,” said Shahni.

“A big part of my job and the main reason I love it so much is the close interactions I get with each of my patients.

“I grew up in Gisborne so being able to work here and give back just a little bit of my time to those still living here really makes it all worth it.

“Being the warm, caring hand that someone needs before their procedure is the best part of my day.”

In larger hospitals, there are usually groups of trainees who work and study together, but Shahni was the first and only trainee at Gisborne Hospital.

“This was great because I got all of the attention and had so many hands-on opportunities to learn from everyone around me.

“Distance study got really difficult towards the end of the course, but I got through it and sat my exam in December, when an examiner from NZATS (New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians’ Society) flew out here for my exam. It was so nerve racking.

“I encourage any anaesthetic technicians out there to consider coming to Gisborne Hospital.

"We’re a small, but high performing team in which you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience to fast-track your career.

“Plus living in a place like Gisborne, you just can’t beat the options for exploring the outdoors.”

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